Blast Off with Space Dust

Welcome back to Space Dust’s journey across different blogospheres. A big thank you to Cecily for hosting us yesterday.

Today, we have stopped off at my blog so that I could share a bit more about the book with you and, maybe give you a snippet of the next book!

My discussion today is all about facts – facts and their inclusion in storybooks. Now, if your book is categorized as a fiction piece, a few facts don’t go amiss when included in the context. Finding a way of including them is like blitzing those green veggies that kids hate eating and stuffing them into the bolognaise or pizza sauce so that they don’t notice their presence. Vitamins, irons and minerals – all digested without a fuss!

That was my ideology when writing Space Dust. My first draft was thrown out by my Book Club members because it exposed all those veggie greens and they deemed my book unpalatable. But, when Little One infused facts into arguments whilst arguing with Big Ox about the planets they were visiting, the ingestion of those little factables went down like ice cream.

My mission was to please a wide age-ranging audience with all sorts of interesting things: fantasy, adventure, a bit of suspense and a dollop of conflict; my solution was to find a pie that hid the things they didn’t want to swallow but include everything in the meal plan. With all this talk about food, I’m hungry! Maybe I’ll stop for ice cream on Venus with Little One and Big Ox!

One of the questions I have been asked since the release of Space Dust is if there will be a second book. I can confirm there will be a second story, but I’m not sure when the release date will be. As you will see while we journey from place to place on this tour, there are many things you could include but, what is the right combination that attracts a reader back to a story they already know? That is what I’m searching for. So, instead of giving you a definite story, here are a few of my thoughts so far…

Little One’s mum had gone away without saying good-bye.

Big Ox and Little One went to wave hello to her from up in the sky.

It didn’t take long for Little One too tire;

Big Ox knew that there was no desire,

to return to Earth without seeing the moon,

a sure way to lift Little One’s gloom.

Alas, they soon ran out of time.

Little One’s eyes closed, covered in space grime.

Down they sailed, back to Earth,

Big Ox sharing in his mirth

As he packed away the special canoe

and with it, his absolute favourite spoon.

Fast asleep, Little One lay

and didn’t see Mummy return from her hard day.

So tomorrow’s adventure will be different, you’ll see.

Maybe there’s more to this story than just missing Mummy.

Thank you for stopping by and finding out a bit more about this special story crafted for the Bracknell Library Service to support their Summer Reading Challenge. Please remember to support your local libraries as they are a great source of information and a place to help children read for free.

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Thank you for joining me. Tomorrow, we will be visiting Howard and his Elastic Limit of Time. See you there!

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