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Meet MirandaCecil and the scary Ms Crow. Miranda might be a spoilt little girl, but after Ms Crow’s visit with the police, her family have a little lesson for her during their holiday to Aunty Joan’s.

5.0 out of 5 stars on January 24, 2015
“This is a wonderful book to read to your kids. I loved it and so did my three year old. Eloise’s story telling style appeals to all ages.”

Cecil, on the other hand, is a nose picking, snot-licking bully who dreads Ms Crow’s visit to his school, Arden White Elementary. After his year 6 teacher is sent away, his new teacher, Ms Crow, has a lesson in store for Cecil and his minions, who find it hilarious to blow up Easter eggs and send their teachers to the mad house!


scat cover
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Or maybe you will catch Scat, my little black cat, who has a rather greedy neighbour called Bruiser, with annoying eating habits…he likes to eat Scat’s food! Poor Scat has had enough and decides to teach this ginger fluff ball a lesson.  But little does he know, he might be the one learning a lesson!


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Down the hairline and up the valley of clips and bows, you might meet LeBrush sitting with his best friend, Babylock.  Things were not always peaceful and calm in Hairington, the dome where Babylock resides.  Unfortunately, they were prone to attack by the Knotsvillians who were determined to make the crazy Hairs neat and tidy, just like the Knots.

Join my little friends on their adventures and you might find yourself in the middle of assembly, cleaning off exploding Easter eggs or out by the sea fighting off scary dreams. You might like to relax in Hairington or Knotsville, braiding and plaiting your way to a neater life! Wherever you decide to visit, do stop back here again and let me know which adventure you enjoyed the most.