Children’s Books

Welcome to my Children’s section. Jump right in and take a look at the selection of books I have available. Some titles have video books attached that are free to watch for your very own story time. Others are available as audio books. Look out for the links in each book’s bio.

img_3118SPACE DUST

Meet Little One and Big Ox. They are my two new arrivals from a space adventure where they are travelling to different planets in a special canoe. Follow the ribbon trails to Venus and watch fire bears dance before your eyes, or bounce on the gassy clouds of Neptune, shouting aloud. Will there be a chance to find Little One’s mum? Take the journey with our favourite friends to find out. 

Order your copy of Space Dust here.

Watch the video book of Space Dust here.

spoilt miranda coverSpoilt Miranda

Meet Miranda and the scary Ms Crow. Miranda might be a spoilt little girl, but after Ms Crow’s visit with the police, her family have a little lesson for her during their holiday to Aunty Joan’s. Join Miranda, if you dare, on an adventure that will turn her life upside down and maybe, just maybe, teach her to be less of a troublesome child!

Order your copy of Spoilt Miranda here. 

Spoilt Miranda is also available as an audio book. Click here for your audiobook.


cecil cover

Cecil the Bully

Cecil is a nose picking, snot-licking bully who dreads Ms Crow’s visit to his school, Arden White Elementary. After Mr Barnes, Cecil’s year 6 teacher is sent away Ms Crow takes over the class of notoriously naughty numb-skulls and has a lesson in store for them. Will Cecil and his minions still find it hilarious to blow up Easter eggs and send their teachers to the mad house? Find out!

Order your copy of Cecil the Bully here.

scat front cover 2020

Scat the Black Cat

Scat the black cat has had enough. Something has to be done about Bruiser, the big, ginger cat from No. 62 Busby Lane. Coming up with a cunning plan sees Scat scaling rooftops and scheming in the snow, but little does he know, there’s more to Bruiser’s story than the little feline realises. There are lessons to be learnt about the consequences of revenge. What will Scat do when he finds out the truth about Bruiser?

Watch the video book of Scat the Black cat here

Order your copy of Scat the Black Cat here.

A Tale of Knots ebook coverA Tale of Knots

Things are not always so neat and tidy in Hairington.  Unfortunately, the Knotsvillians have a better idea of how to comb through the crazy lifestyles of the Hairs and braid a new way of life for them, raising Hair’s heckles over Hairington.  The only creature capable of brushing his way through this difference of opinion is Lebrush, but is he up to the job? Can Babylock convince him that the Hairington Hairs have the right to live as they want to without being tied in knots? 

Order your copy of A Tale of Knots here.


Thanks for stopping by to meet my little characters and finding out more about their stories. Whether you choose to find yourself plastered in brown goo in the middle of assembly, or struggling to remove the Knots from the Hairs in Hairington,  you’re bound to have oodles of fun on each adventure.  Whichever book you decide to download, don’t forget to stop back here again and let me know how much you enjoyed the adventure.

Eloise x

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