Do you have a story secretly wanting to be told? What’s holding you back?

Everyone has a path to follow in life. Each journey is a story that has the power to inspire or motivate – if you’re brave enough to share it!

I’d like to help you on that journey.

Since the start of my author mentoring, I have found people from different walks of life with different motivations for wanting to share their stories, both fiction or otherwise. It is important to ensure each individual is supported on that journey in their own special way; that is, to develop their own unique style of writing, at their own pace, for their own purpose. Whilst some novice writers might want to go from developing a story to publication, others might want to pen their special story just for family and friends to enjoy.

Here is what Cecily has to say about her journey using EDS Mentoring:

“I met Eloise about 4 years ago. I heard she was to be at a function I was invited to and that she was an author. I bought one of her books and took it to be signed. When I met her I was surprised at the down-to-earth person she was and how easy it was to talk with her. I shared my dream about writing and since then she has encouraged me to write and last year I completed just over 50,000 words. Eloise had been mentoring me but due to my other priorities I’ve not been able to give the project I worked on the time it deserves. However, Eloise provided me with some excellent and constructive feedback which will come in useful when I start that project again. For now, I am working on a smaller writing project and Eloise understands my vision and has helped me to convey it into words, work through a plan, set objectives and goals. She has provided ideas whilst discussing with her which I have found useful. She has introduced me to other authors and groups where I have learnt much. I can confidently recommend Eloise as a mentor for anyone taking on a writing project no matter how big or small.”


If you would like to try your hand at writing that story that has been stored away for a rainy day, contact me. We can discuss what you’d like to do and what you might need in terms mentoring. There is no charge for the initial discussion, just friendly advice and planning for your writing future.


Eloise is a lovely person. She is also a great author and has been a great influence on my starting to wright a book of my own. She is in fact my inspiration, if I hadn’t met her I wouldn’t have started a hobby I can’t seem to put away. She has become my mentor and has taught me so much. I personally think she is a very gifted writer as well as a super human being. Thank God for Eloise.
Tessa Bremner
I met Eloise a couple of years ago at a social event. I heard that she was an author and bought one of her books to take to the event to have it signed. I have since read two of her adult novels, Deception and The Iron Pendulum, and her latest children’s book, Space Dust. I enjoyed them all and loved the way she introduced space to children. Eloise is clearly an accomplished writer. I particularly liked The Iron Pendulum, a novel of crime and suspense that kept me turning the pages and biting my nails until the end! I enjoyed talking with Eloise when I met her, and in the course of our conversation we talked about ‘my book waiting to be written’. I have been inspired by her work ethic, she is a prolific blogger and supports other authors and writers through her blogs. She has encouraged me to write, and over the years I’ve made copious notes, without structure. Towards the end of last year (2019) Eloise invited me to join her and others in focussed writing to progress my work with the aim of just writing to get the words down. Without this kick up the posterior, I would not be at the stage I am today. My work in progress is at last taking shape. No doubt there is a long way still on my journey but I do not feel overwhelmed. Eloise is now mentoring me. Eloise has read a few passages of my work in progress. From this very small sample, her advice, critique and style of approach has made a difference to my thinking, and writing process. She provides examples and direction about character building, dialogue, and approach to writing in a clear and encouraging manner. Although ‘life gets in the way’, having Eloise as a mentor, so I realise my dream, is a privilege. I am much closer to my goal, clearer and more focussed. I can highly recommend Eloise as a mentor if you want to write a story! Thank you for your time, encouragement and for liberally sharing your knowledge, Eloise De Sousa.
Cecily Lalloo
I met Eloise a few years ago where we were both working in the same primary school. I have since rejoined the school and have had the pleasure to meet Eloise again! After debating about pursuing my dream of writing a book for many years, a short discussion with Eloise gave me the kick start I needed to realise that this dream could become a reality. Eloise was an inspiring mentor throughout the process. Providing a listening ear, proof reading my scribbles, setting deadlines when I needed them and making me realise that writing a story is something that CAN be achieved. With my busy schedule as a teacher, Eloise made the experience seem less daunting and reminded me throughout that it is fun process if you let it be! I would not have put pen to paper without meeting Eloise and would highly recommend Eloise as a mentor. She is calm, considered and professional in her approach. Although I have a long way to go on my writing journey, the whole process now seems more in my reach and something that can be achieved. The power of a fantastic mentor- thanks Eloise!
Elizabeth Nash

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