Moofy and Flo


Welcome to Moofy and Flo’s special page.

Our two friends are always finding ways of getting into a pickle! Flo has a way of finding solutions that don’t always make sense but she has a big heart and that makes up for her crazy ideas.

20160317_185802801_iOS Henry, whose nickname is Moofy, is acting as my model for the lovely drawing of our little bear. He is looking forward to hearing all about Moofy and what he gets up to. I hope you are too.



Moofy sad

Moofy’s story has begun with fun in the mud

Let’s hope Flo has a hose and soap suds!


Working with acrylics on soft canvas,

Moofy’s beautiful colours come to life

showing the texture and softness of his fur.




Thanks for stopping by.

Eloise x


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