Author Enrichment

img_4649Every author dreams of visiting schools to encourage readers and inspire young writers. How many inspire great writing at a higher standard when their biggest drive is to market their books?

What if an author combined a school visit with an enrichment plan that encouraged students to become a part of their own story?

What if that same author didn’t visit with the intention of selling her books but, instead, focused on creating a unique story line for those students with writing tasks that supported the school’s literacy plan?

An author who has over four years’ experience in running crazy, fun enrichments in her own school where children have gone on quests: to find a Phoenix egg that needs saving; to find a planet called Proxima B in order to save Earth from the Morgellons who have infected its food and water supply, (and enjoying a live webchat with engineers from the National Space Centre); to celebrate Prince Harry and Duchess Megan’s engagement with a royal party; and to become evacuees from a London school to Wales where they discover a Midnight Garden at their new school in Swansea.

That same author could create a bespoke adventure for your school.

img_4417-1What does an Author Enrichment entail?

First, a brief discussion via email or telephone with your Literacy team to establish areas within your literacy program that needs a bit more inspiration.

The information gathered would help create a bespoke story with a fun writing lesson plan including as many writing activities as you require, all based on the story. The writing tasks could include a platform of maths, geography, history or science – specify what will be required and it could be included.

Each story created is original and written with the intention of encouraging every student to participate in the writing task.

The Author Enrichment package is more than just a lesson plan. It includes props to make each enrichment fun and engaging. Coded messages could be included or scrolls with maps or potions to create. In some cases, special identity cards might be needed with each child’s secret agent name printed on it! It all depends on the adventure you choose.

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Why can’t I just download a lesson plan from Twinkl or TES instead? It’s free!

As wonderful as those resources are, they don’t offer you a unique lesson plan built to encourage your students, written with your class or school in mind.

Plus, you have the added advantage of the author being on site for the enrichment, providing support in whatever form necessary to get those writing tasks done at a higher level.  There will be no hard selling of her books as she is not there to promote herself but the value of good writing within your school. Her books are just an added bonus!

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How long is the Author Enrichment?

You can choose whether you want to run it for a day or a week.

Most enrichments would begin on a Monday. If it is a week-long enrichment, three writing tasks would be best.  A new quest (task) would be introduced on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The writing time required would cover two days for best results and to avoid pressuring lower abilities. Promoting a higher standard of writing throughout is the objective.

An Enrichment day could include shorter writing tasks with a focus on fun engagements in following the quests.

The power to create a unique writing experience that is fun, inspirational and above all, perfect for your students is right here.